Medical Insurance - Informational Videos

Role: Pre-production, Production, Editor
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Zoom H4N
Date: January 2017

The purpose of these videos are to educate International students on the basics of medical insurance in BC in a way that can get their attention and alleviate the number of general medical insurance related questions we get at our front desk.


When I was first given this project, the previous person in my position already had a written script and recorded audio. I had very little knowledge of medical insurance at the time, but since I was providing coverage of my office's front desk daily I was able to pick up a lot of new information about it. After reviewing all the material I had and checking in with the stakeholders of this project, we decided that rewriting the script and re-recording the audio would be the best way to go since some of the information was out of date and the employee who did the original voiceover was no long working there.

As someone who was new to medical insurance, I was able to provide feedback on the information I was hearing for the first time. I explained what made sense, what the script could say to make better sense, etc.


As I was reading the original script for the first time, I tried to storyboard in my head some visuals to go along with the words. The script was very long and it talked about many things. After I found that the script had some outdated information, I suggested rewriting the script and shortening it a bit so that the video wouldn’t be as long. Stakeholders suggested the idea of splitting the video into two videos; one about primary medical insurance and the other about secondary medical insurance. By doing this, we were able to rewrite the script to be more clear and understandable.




To plan out what I was going to be showing in the video, I worked on a storyboard. I illustrated the different ideas I had to best complement the information and tried to find ways that could make the video interesting to look at. I recognized that nowadays, people may watch videos on mute if it pops up on their phone while they scroll through their feeds; it’s also possible for someone that is hearing impaired to be viewing this video. This is why I wanted to include most of the words being said during the video so that it would be accessible by more people.




While creating the video, I mainly followed along the storyboard I created. Along the way, there were things I found were too much to show in the video, things that were unnecessary to get the information across. At times, showing simple visuals could help illustrate the words better. I made an effort to look at tutorials on how to present certain visuals that I had thought of (like the magnifying glass one), which helped me greatly.





In the early stages, we had trouble shortening a script that had all this information that seemed important for people to know. It was difficult to get rid of certain information, but there was a lot of conversational writing that we felt was unnecessary in getting information across. We stripped the text to the basics, enough to give the viewer a good idea of what medical insurance is and where they could go for more specific information.

Since we split the video into two, we had to elaborate more on each of the topics. We had difficulty finding the right way to describe the secondary medical insurance’s change-of-coverage period. Since we are not directly involved with the insurance that SFU issues the students, we decided the best solution would be to contact the insurance company directly to see how they would describe it. This way, the information could be explained correctly since the company provided us with the information.


This project was given to me as a low priority project that I could work on when I had free time from my other responsibilities. I spent around four months working on this project and I was glad that I could produce an outcome that everyone in my office was impressed with. The more I learned about medical insurance, the better help I was at providing feedback to the script and actually understanding the content I was making.