Seeing Double - Short Film

Role: Cinematographer, Production, Post-Production
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Canon DSLR
Collaborators: Allison Chen, Deone Chikukwa, Danielle Ragas
Date: Spring 2015

The film is about a woman that lives a very unfulfilling life. Most of her time is spent admiring a man that doesn't know she exists. One day, a mysterious phenomenon occurs and she meets someone she thought she would never meet that changes her life.




We made careful decisions for each shot to make sure the result would be well connected and easy to follow. This included the type, angle, movement and lighting of each shot.



Since our film includes a clone of the main character, how each shot was set up and framed were very crucial. To avoid revealing the other actor playing as the clone, certain angles and shots were utilized more often to keep the continuity. 



Our film heavily relied on fast cuts at certain scenes to avoid uncovering the other actor. The minimal amount of dialogue in our film meant that we had to convey the character's emotions through editing and cinematography. A variety of types of shots as well as angles of shots were used to make each scene dynamic.

Since our film was light on dialogue, audio was a very important aspect of the film. We carefully chose the soundtrack as well as sounds in our film that would fit each mood and atmosphere we were trying to depict. 



This project helped me develop my compositional skills as well as critical design thinking skills. When working in a team, it's important that you respect everyones opinions and work together towards a result. Throughout this project, we ran into problems that we had to solve quickly due to time constraints which really refined my problem solving skills.