ShareTheMeal Team Campaigns - Interface Feature Design

Role: Researcher, Concept Developer, Graphic Designer,
Interface Designer
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Axure
Team: Allison Chen
Date: Summer 2016

For an Interface Design class, in a group of 2, we designed a feature for an existing interface. Our interface was ShareTheMeal, a non-profit charity app where people can “share their meal” with children in different areas of the world developed by the United Nations World Food Programme. This project was completed in a span of 3 weeks.


Before we started thinking about what features to design, we had to become experts of the app itself as well as it's users. We had to figure out what it's interaction patterns were, the brand of the application, who the primary users were, what their goals are and what they need.

We decided to test 3 people (beginners and experts of charity apps) using 3 different methods. Through User Interviews, asking them the 5 Why's, and observing their actions, we were able to get an idea of what the users thought of the app. They found that it had a very straightforward process, but they were conflicted due to the lack of depth and additional information about the donations themselves. They felt that since it was such a simple objective, there wasn't enough of an incentive to come back to the app after using it once. 

 The 3 problem areas we found with ShareTheMeal were  Lack of Depth ,  What Meals Are  (Lack of Information) and  Continual Use . We brainstormed ways we could minimize or solve these errors. This is a photo of our brainstorming session.

The 3 problem areas we found with ShareTheMeal were Lack of Depth, What Meals Are (Lack of Information) and Continual Use. We brainstormed ways we could minimize or solve these errors. This is a photo of our brainstorming session.


From our research, we found 3 problem areas that we wanted to solve. Lack of DepthWhat Meals Are (Lack of Information) and Continual Use. Through our user research, we found that our expert user was motivated to donate to a charity when they fully understood a cause and was passionate about helping. Another user wanted to know where their money was going and what it would be used for specifically. We also wanted to focus on creating something that would get users to want to come back for more, rather than leaving once they donated. Designing for these users and problems in mind, we proposed 3 ideas for consideration; Team CampaignsMap & News, and Global Campaigns



Team Campaigns
Team campaigns lets a user set a group goal that works towards ShareTheMeal’s larger current goal. They can invite their friends through social media networks to help donate. In the group, members have the ability to see who's in the group, interact with each other and will be notified when someone makes a donation. We decided to create this feature because we wanted a way to make people want to come back and contribute more to the cause. By having a campaign, it makes ShareTheMeal's large goal seem more attainable when it's divided into smaller goals. The ability to share this only between the friends you invite which turns the experience into something you can do with your friends for fun that helps out others as well. This was the feature that I conceptualized, developed and wire-framed.

Map & News
Our user personas have a shared goal of Informative Feedback and want to know where their money goes and what it will be used for. This feature will help them find all of this information in an organized way via interaction with the map on the landing page. 

Global Campaigns
Global campaigns lets users to choose to donate money with a group campaign of their choosing. Users will be allowed to filter through the different campaigns to their preference. New and returning users can join campaigns they find interesting or create one of their own. This approach breaks down a large goal to smaller campaigns that users can contribute and pledge to.


 Our final feature design:  ShareTheMeal Campaigns ( iPhone Mockup Template & Background from Pixeden.)

Our final feature design: ShareTheMeal Campaigns (iPhone Mockup Template & Background from Pixeden.)

As seen in the presentation above, our final feature design was the team campaigns. Unlike the team campaign idea we proposed, this had the option of letting the user choose to make a campaign for a business or a personal group. This allows already formed organizations like businesses get involved together as a team as well as encourages groups of friends to create personal groups to work towards ShareTheMeal's goal. Our user wants a place to conveniently and reliably donate money to a charity they believe will make a difference as well as encourage others to do the same. By creating a feature to be integrated into the existing interface, we not only had to follow the look of the app but also the patterns and interactions it encompasses. From integrating our feature, we had to add additional screens for it to be carried out cohesively. We designed a page of listed campaigns, a filtering option, a campaign creation page, a sharing campaign process, campaign pages, profile pages as well as a notification page.


This project was a really great learning experience for me. It taught me a lot about what it would be like designing for a client, rather than for myself. This meant I had to familiarize myself with the existing app to get an idea of what it was all about in order to be able to create a feature that could seamlessly be integrated into it. I also had to familiarize myself with the users of the app to figure out what they needed to complete their main goal. Designing for yourself is much different than designing for someone else because you can't just make assumptions; you have to research and interview suitable people to really explain WHY you designed what you do and what its for. This project also gave me the opportunity to have very constructive ideation sessions. The sessions we had really developed my ideation skills because it taught me to really think about all possible solutions and work on developing them in order to have a really strong outcome.