Stone & Feather - Spatial Design

Role: Concept Developer, Graphic Designer, Spatial Designer
Tools: Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Team: Danielle Ragas, Nancy Chen, Albert Lee, Omeed Kashefi
Date: Fall 2014

For IAT 233, in a team of 5, we designed lodging pods with the knowledge learned from the course, and with inspiration from Steven Holl. This project was completed in a span of 3 weeks. 


For the project, we had to develop 3 potential ideas for lodging pods and a community building that would all "connect" together for an Urban Nomad to stay in temporarily.

The idea that we went on with was developed in the first week of working, it was called Stone & Feather. The concept behind this comes from the two words, "stone" and "feather," and how it shows a juxtaposition of the meanings between the two. A stone represents something that is heavy and dense; it's not something that can be replaced. A feather represents something very light; it's flexible and adaptable. 

 The front view and top view of the buildings.

The front view and top view of the buildings.



To present our designs, we were required to 3D model them using Google SketchUp 8. By doing this, we showed our ideas rather than just talking about them. 3D modeling was a very trying experience because everyone in the group had different opinions on what they liked and didn't like. We experimented with different ways that would make our building unique and we ended up creating structures instead of 5 separate ones.

Since our concept was stone, we decided to represent that through the building's sleekness and it's contrasting black colour from the steel. Feather was represented with the white from the aluminum and glass which made the structure appear light and smooth.

 The final rendering of the spatial design project. 

The final rendering of the spatial design project. 


This project was full of learning experiences. A very important one would be communication and teamwork. It seems that I learn more about communication between team members with each new project that I am given and it's helping me develop new strategies to communication with my team better so that everyone's ideas are heard and accepted. Another thing related to communication is how to communicate ideas in a way that the people you're presenting to will be able to understand what you're saying; by showing them what you want them to know instead of just telling them about it.