Study Abroad Snapchat Takeover

Role: Storyboarder, Graphic Designer
Tools: Snapchat, Adobe Illustrator, Hootsuite
Date: March 2017

Our Study Abroad team who was contacted by SFU University Communications gave me the task of taking over SFU’s Snapchat for a day to show students the services we provide and to promote our upcoming exchange application deadline.

Process (Storyboard)

Prior to beginning my takeover, the organizer of the takeover asked what visuals I had in mind for photos and videos for my takeover. Rather than just describing with words, I chose to send him a storyboard to better present my ideas.

To have a mix of pre-recorded and live visuals, the blank boxes are videos/photos involving people that would be taken “live” at the time, so I couldn’t show them.

I made sure to utilize some snapchat features like fun (but related) stickers, filters, etc.


Process (Social Media Promotions)

Since the “simonfraseru” snapchat already has a “built-in” audience for viewing our takeover, we also wanted to inform our followers about this. Although this takeover was mainly meant for students that might not have known that we offer studying abroad, we also wanted our own followers to get to know our office, our staff and the study abroad experiences of some students. These promotions were posted sporadically on our Face- book, Twitter and Instagram before our takeover to generate some buzz.

Study Abroad's SFU Snapchat Takeover

Here's a video capture of the Snapchat Takeover.


The main take-away from this project is that you can plan things out to a tee, but once it’s happening, there are so many variables involved that could push you off schedule, or even not look the exact way you want it to. When that happens, you have to be able to do some quick think- ing/problem solving in order to get the best outcome. Adaptability was really important for this task. Prior to this, I had never done a snapchat takeover, but I had used snapchat before and I understood the concept of a

takeover. But the way I used snapchat previously was not in the same context as this, so I did have to learn the do’s and don’ts. Time also tried to catch up with me while working on this because for visuals that I was recording “live” I had to run over and film them and coordinate with the people that were being featured in the snaps while I was working on my daily responsibilities and other current projects, so time management and planning out the times of the snaps were very useful.