YWiB SFU - Short Promotional Video

Role: Cinematographer, Production, Post-Production
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Canon DSLR
Collaborators: Allison Chen, Danielle Ragas
Date: Summer 2015

A short promotional video of the executive team of the Young Women in Business club at SFU. This video was created to recruit new members to join the club for upcoming registration by showing them what YWiB SFU is about.


To tell viewers what YWiB SFU is all about, we asked the current YWiB SFU team for 3 words they would use to describe the club. What they came up with were used as the "backbone" to the video. We picked out colours and shapes that would be associated with each word. We wanted to show the friendships between the executives YWiB SFU, and encourage others to join. 


Since the time of filming this was before any of the YWiB SFU events had begun, we were only able to sit in on meetings they had prior to their new term starting. Angles were important for this because of limitations such as being right beside a wall of windows while still trying to include everyone in the shots. A variety of types of shots as well as angles of shots were used to make each clip dynamic. To make the promo video more entertaining to watch, we included city scenes and incorporated coloured accent effects.


We used a song chosen by the YWiB SFU executives that they felt with go along with the mood and feeling they wanted to convey. From there, we chose which clips we felt went along best with the beat of the song and cut the clips to match the beat. Afterwards, we used Adobe After Effects to create animated coloured shapes that would represent each of the words used to describe YWiB SFU.    


This project taught me how to create something meaningful with limits of what you can actually do. Showcasing the group with more than just footage from their meeting would have been better for encouraging students to join the club. However since there was no way to get footage extra, we had to use what we had. One of the suggestions early on was to 'stage' an event or skit, but we felt that doing that would portray a sense of inauthenticity which wasn't something we wanted.